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Leslie’s lockdown poem for ESOL

Leslie’s lockdown poem for ESOL

by Sandina Miller -
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ESOL lecturers Angela and Silvia teach at Chingford Methodist Church. They were greatly missed during lockdown. 

Church Warden Leslie wrote this poem:

My friends Angela and Silvia

Empty stands the church and silent,
Class rooms vacant, you're not there.

There's no friendly morning greeting,
there's no students, you're not there.

No computers, Zumba dancers, no karate,
you're not there

We've all had to change our life style,
no more dashing here and there.

Soon the lock-down will be lifted
and with thanks we'll say a prayer

Back to everything that's normal;
hallelujah you'll be there! 

Leslie Stowe, May 2020

Poem by Leslie Stowe: transcription in the main text of this post